Private 1:1

Join us for a personalized and tailored program to suit your personal wellness goals with one of our elite Pilates Instructors.

Our 1:1 sessions are perfect for those who are seeking a tailored approach to their training. These sessions are perfect for the first-timers wanting a gradual introduction to Pilates, learn how to engage their core correctly and learn all the basic moves to see you progress successfully and with confidence in the class environment, or for those who are wanting to manage an injury, train during their pregnancy or return to pilates post baby or for those who want 1:1 guidance to learn the pilates method to assist them in their other forms of training.

All initial bookings will require a 1hr session first with your personal Pilates Instructor, where you will receive a personalized plan and program to see you reach your wellness goals.

Initial 1hr consultation: $90

1hr session $90

45min session $80

30min session $50