Pilates Reformer

Redefine your core with our Pilates Reformer classes designed to tone, strengthen and challenge that mind body connection and have you work unlike any form of training you have done before.

We have classes suitable for everyone including pre & post natal through to the elite athlete.

Choose from our variety of classes:


Our traditional Joseph Pilates based class with all the fundamental core based exercises that will see you work your entire body in each class.


Stretch and flow sequences accompanied into your “Classic” style Pilates class to see you lengthen and strengthen your entire body.


Who loves that Pilates body burn? Our higher intensity class with a combination of weighs, holds and pulses will leave you feeling like you have worked after every class.

Reformer HIIT

Redefine your core through our core based workout that incorporates half reformer and half mat (body weight and hand weight)  based HIIT style exercises to give you the ultimate high intensity full body workout.

Reformer Barre

Move as graceful as a ballerina and tone your body with Barre inspired moves. Plie your way to a defined and more poised posture after every class.


Stretch and lengthen your entire body in our class designed to work through lengthening and stretching exercises to give your greater range, flexibility aswell as working those smaller muscles.

Pre & Post Natal

Mums and Mums-to-be our Pre & Post Natal classes are designed for our community of mothers who are wanting to continue safely on their wellness journey during their pregnancy and for those mums-to-be who are looking to safely return to exercise post baby. Learning to re-engage their core & pelvic floor through a qualified Pre & Post Natal specialist trainer.